If you’re happy with your grocery store, DD or S....uck’s coffee, stop reading; our coffee offerings are not for you. We wish you the best running with them.

But, if you’re not, or if you’re kind of tired of their lingo, “cream with two sugars”, “small, I mean tall” - cup with us, we'll teach you about single-origin Colombian coffees and more. 

what we want
We want to create a tribe of passionate coffee lovers. We hope you stick around as we embark on this journey towards the perfect cup.

what's our mission
To help you discover the incredible flavors of Colombian specialty coffees, while ensuring farmers get paid fairly and equitably for producing quality coffees.

our promise
We promise to always deliver a freshly roasted batch of coffee.

our thoughts
Being an entrepreneur and chasing your dreams is not easy, it means hustling, sweating, pushing your heart and soul every day, 7 days a week year round. So as a sign of support go to @lamulitacoffee and tag someone you know that is a do-it­-yourself­er, self-­employed, a craftsman, a go­-getter, a maker, a creative.... so we can follow and show them our love too!

what we believe in
We believe it’s our responsibility to curate highly qualified Colombian coffees so we can guarantee you have the best coffee experience. The only way to accomplish such goal is by cupping, tasting and selecting the best coffees from the Colombian specialty coffee farms. In simple words, we'll only offer quality coffee, cause we believe your coffee cup should never be compromised.

where you'll go
By slurping coffee with us, you’ll be able to taste the incredible flavors of each one of the coffee regions in Colombia. The regions vary in climate, elevation, soils and processes. Don’t be surprised if by the end of your cup you find yourself saying, “mas café por favor”

who we are
We decided to build a company that aims to show you how to break away from “the traditional”, bitter, dark-roasted coffee and indulge into a medium to light roasted coffee experience; where you can meet the fruity, honey, chocolaty taste nuances of our roasting process. We only offer coffee that highlights the individual notes of the bean, guaranteeing your daily ritual with coffee is always a warm and memorable one. To assure that you'll have such an experience, we keep away from below-grade beans, from computer based batch production, and from high and prolonged temperatures in the roasting process; we believe these are the modern day evils that prevent a bright, rich, crisp, vibrant coffee. You may rebel against our philosophy and that is okay, our plans are to be different and we know that doesn’t fit well, with all people.

our location
Our artisan coffee company is located where people strive to "l​ive free or die" - New Hampshire. Stop by and visit us in-store at 15 Sagamore Rd in Rye, NH; online at, or on social @lamulitacoffee

our request

First and foremost, be happy, life is brewtiful!
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